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Woza Connect SA……Come Connect South Africa
Who we Are

Woza Connect SA is a leader in digital advertising and signage solutions. We take your product, services and brand to your clients using the latest trends in digital advertising. No more flyers and newspapers”. With interactive screens keeping clients engaged, Woza Connect SA was designed to provide you with an eye catching digital advertising solution which is value for money, software that is rock solid, screens that are managed remotely and no downtime during internet outages. It is all about you and helping you materialize your vision.
With a successful telecommunications and technology business that is in operations for the past 14 years and going strong our team relooked at our clients and what was needed to driving businesses. We found that visual technology and the “Seeing is Believing” principal was by far a better way to “seal a deal” ,compared to the current conventional methods ie, flyers or newspaper adverts. The internet on the other hand has too much of content and can be quite daunting.

It is time to “Go Green”.

Smart Watch
Smart Watch
What We Do

In 2015 we decided to go back to the drawing board to see how we can diversify our business and provide businesses with more opportunity and awareness. We invested in creating a dynamic advertising platform to assist SMME’s with a cost effect target driven advertising solution. We wanted to help the “Lay-Man” expose his or her business through a wide network of display screens strategically placed. Our cost effective target based digital adverts would increase brand awareness and our clients’ growth is inevitable.

Simple observation made us conclude
People don’t want to be interrupted by marketers or harassed by salespeople via phone calls, emails or social media. They want to be helped, educated and given choice. It is time to “Go Green”.

Our Platform

We have a dynamic platform which is remotely updated; our software will allow us to reach out to more underserviced areas targeting untapped market that will allow you more brand awareness. We cater for different packages to suit our clients. Our offer includes responsive digital advert setups but you have the choice to supply your own design setup. We include interactive TV to help keep the audience focused

Our Packages

We cater for different packages to suit our clients. Our offer includes responsive digital advert setups but you have the choice to supply your own design setup. We include interactive TV to help keep the audience focused

Our Mission / Vision

We will connect you to your client in an unconventionally effective and environmentally responsible way and grow your business to new heights.

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Digital advertising Screens

We live in our communities and have skilled business and people that can serve our fellow colleagues but our communities do not know they provide these services, hence they outsource from elsewhere.

Multiple screen advertising in high Traffic Areas

We strategically places screens in locations (hosts) where there is a high traffic footprint. Your soundless digital adverts will be remotely loaded on these screens which will be played on a 10 minutes cycle throughout the working day for the month.

Single Screen Advertising in front of Office Parks

Screens placed strategically at office park entrances and lobbies will boost brand awareness.

Becoming a host if you have an office building or high traffic area

We can setup our screens at your location which will enhance the look of your space and earn a rental.

Outdoor Screens

Outdoor digital screens are strategically placed at high traffic locations and traffic signals thereby accessible to all commuters.

Digital Menu Boards

Once again conventional printed signage in replaced by Digital Boards. These boards show clients tantalizing images that can boost sales.

Marketing in conferences, exhibitions and social gatherings

Screens showcasing products and services can be strategically placed as per client’s requirements. With the dynamics of digital adverts you could use before after videos along with testimonials and real life images that can be changed to individual needs.

Examples - Multiple Screens||| How You Can Benefit

Location: We place LED Screens in Gynecologists rooms, Clinics and Pediatricians rooms
Clients: Baby health care products, Party Planners, Safe kids play parks, Getting back into shape, Medications and vitamins, Toys, Massage and beauty salons, Clothing and furniture, Photography, Schools, Baby keepsakes and crafts, etc.
Potential Consumer: Parents, children and caregivers sitting in waiting room
Location: GPs room, Local Food Outlet, Local Grocery store, Local Clinic, Testing Grounds.
Clients: Local Community offering services such as Nails and beauty, Pathology labs, Medication Hairdresser, Florist, Tailor, Tutor, Optometrist , Schools, Churches, Events, Garden services, Security services, Food outlets, Bakers, Pet Care, etc
Potential Consumer: People in waiting room, queues and in the vicinity.

Pricing for SMMEs |||

The simple math you cannot afford to miss.

Standard Package

R1 199/Month

Multiple Screens - Your advert will be shown approximately 4608 times per month which is approximately 0.26 cents per screening.

  • 15 second soundless digital advert
  • Shown 6 times an hour (every 10 minutes)
  • 8 hours a day
  • On 4 LED screens
  • For 24 to 30 days a month
  • Adverts will also be displayed on our social media pages.



Single Screens - Your advert will be shown a minimum of 1152 times a month which is approximately 0.30 cents per screening

  • 15 second soundless digital advert
  • Shown 6 times an hour(every 10 minutes)
  • 8 hours a day
  • On 1 LED screens
  • For 24 to 30 days a month

Outdoor screens / Digital Menu Boards

Please enquire for prices

Marketing in conferences, exhibitions and social gatherings

From R499/Day

Please call in to enquire

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Opportunities |||

What Else you Should Know
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Opportunity to connect further - Become a Host

If you feel your site is a potential Host for one of our Screens. Please contact us so we can do our research and we can offer you a rental for the space to host and earn a Rental.

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Traffic Signage

Plans are already underway to get your digital adverts on Traffic Signage

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We are always looking at expanding our services on a national basis which will give you an even better oppporunity to reach your target audience.

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Woza Connect SA (Pty) Ltd
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